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Lynne's 2022 Calendar of Events

August 2022
August 4th- Facebook Live event through Creative Innovations, Thursday, 7-9 pm EST
August 14th- Artful Webinars- teaching zoom class... Leaping Liberty Sunday, 12-5pm EST
August 21st- zoom class Lady Dandy , Sunday 12- 5pm EST
August 22nd- Monday- The Nativity, Part 3-6- 9 pm EST (Wiseman #1)
August 24th- Wednesday- teaching zoom class for SDP Decorative Painter's Academy. I will be teaching "Matilda".
August 25th- Thursday- zoom Ornament of the Month non- Club: "Rebekah Raccoon", 1-4pm EST
August 29th- Monday- The Nativity, part 3- 6-9pm EST (Wiseman #2)

September 1st- Facebook Live event, via Creative Innovations- 7-9pm EST- Project is "Boo- Boo Penny Rug"
September 17th- Saturday- Cactus Wren Decorative Artists- chapter zoom class. Contact person- Susan Phillips at onesuzzyq@icloud.com for more information. Project is "Give Thanks Harvest Moon".
September 22nd- Thursday, zoom class for Ornament of the Month Non- Club, "Lester the Jester" 1-4pm EST
September 24th- Saturday- Northwest Decorative Artists Chapter- contact: http://nwda.news@gmail.com
Project is "The Skaters".
September 26th- Monday, The Nativity, part 3, 6-9pm EST
September 28th- Wednesday, Creative Innovations "Cheerful Giver" zoom class on Facebook. 1- 5pm EST

September 30th and October 1st, Friday and Saturday, Illinois Heartland Decorative Artists 2 day zoom seminar. Contact person is Judy McCoy Lindauer at mccoylindauer@yahoo.com
October 4th - 9th- New England Traditions Painting convention
Marlborough, MA teaching and exhibiting.
Always a most wonderful experience. I will be teaching 3 classes this year as well as having a booth.
October 20th, Thursday- Ornament of the Month Non- club, 1-4pm
October 24th- the Nativity, part 4- 6-9pm EST

November 17th, Thursday- Ornament of the month Non- Club...1-4pm EST
November 28th- Monday, The Nativity, part 4. 6-9pm EST
November 12th and 13th- Please join Cynthia Erekson and myself for our annual Seacoaster's Painting Weekend.
Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, North Andover, MA. Two projects, two teachers, great people and great food! Sounds like heaven, right?
Please contact Sandi for additional info...qasandi@verizon.net
December 5th, Monday- The Nativity, part 4. 6-9pm EST
December 15th, Thursday- Ornament of the Month Non- Club, 1-4pm EST

for any additional info needed don't hesitate to contact me at