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2013-26   "Bewitched"
2013-27   "Brrr" Plate
2017-41   "Create"
2017-23S   "Forest Friends" Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2014-04   "Granite State Santa" Father Christmas
2014-04S   "Granite State Santa" Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2010-123-GS   "Great and Small" Pattern Book
2015-01   "Song of Solomon" Spring Cross
2012-19   "Wise and Wonderful" Pattern Book
2014-06   'Guiding Light'
2012-02S   10 '' Round Wood Plate
2007-07   1776 Father Christmas
2007-07S   1776 Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2010-118S   3 Small Mittens with Clothespins
2013-14   Abundance
2008-14   Adirondack Stocking
2013-01   All Creatures
2010-107   All Seasons Sleigh
2004-13   All Things
2017-27   Alphabet Series: "Owen's Alphabet"
2016-02   Alphabet Series: "Welcome to My Garden
2013-16   Amazing Grace
2005-01   Angel Ironing Board
2016-14   Ark Trio Sampler
2014-17S   Art Play Date Belsnickle Wood Surface
2017-21   Art-ful Journey Canvas Painting Bag Pattern
2012-12   Artist Father Christmas
2016-15   Arty The Owl Pin
2012-07   Autumn Angel
2011-04   Baby Bear Hanger
2011-05   Baby Doll Hanger
2011-06   Baby Giraffe Hanger
2011-04S   Baby Wood Hanger
2011-18   Baker Father Christmas
2011-18S   Baker Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2012-08   Beary Christmas Ornament
2016-08   BEE-AUTIFUL Beehive Trio
2014-17   Belsnickle Santa
2017-30   Boo-tiful Ornament
2013-18   Born on the 4th of July
2010-119   Bountiful Harvest Primer
2015-09   Bubble And Boo Pumpkin Plaque
2010-116   Buddies Ornament
2014-12   Build A Snowman Mitten
2012-08S   Bulb Ornament Surface
2014-07   Button Bonanza
2014-24   Button Choir Ornament
2017-48   Candy Cane Santa Ornament
2017-48S   Candy Cane Santa Ornament Wood Cutout
2014-14   Candy Corn Crows
2011-16S   Canvas Tote
2011-14   Captain's Box
2017-43   Cardinal Caper
2017-E1   Cardinal Caper E-Pattern
2012-17   Cardinal Courier Ornament
2012-17S   Cardinal Courier Ornament Wood Surface
2008-CEL   Celebrations Pattern Book
2014-11   Celtic Santa Father Christmas
2014-11S   Celtic Santa Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2007-CB   Christmas Blessings Pattern Book
2016-16   Christmas Trio
2009-19   Christmas Wishes Mitten
2012-03   Christmastide Whale Ornament
2015-19   ChristmasTime Ornament
2013-02   Cold Hands
2006-06   Colonial Feather Tree
2016-30   Connecticut Father Christmas
2016-30S   Connecticut Father Christmas Wood Surface
2015-24   Cool Crows
2016-12   Creative Critters
2014-09   Creature Comforts Ornaments
2010-118   Crow's Christmas
2011-03   Dance by the Light of the Moon
2015-25   Doggy Daycare
2014-16   Down On The Farm
2015-21   Egg-stravaganza
2015-07   Ever-changing Lamp
2012-04   Faith Times Two Plate
2011-01   Faith, Family, Friends Plate
2008-07   Faith, Hope and Charity Ornaments
2017-15   Fanciful Brush Box
2007-11   Fat Santa Ornament
2007-11S   Fat Santa Ornament Wood Cutout
2004-15   Feathered Friends
2009-14   Flying Santa Ornament
2009-14S   Flying Santa Ornament Wood Cutout
2017-23   Forest Friends Father Christmas
2017-18   Gardening Crows
2016-10   German Father Christmas
2016-10S   German Father Christmas Wood
2015-08   God and Country Crow Tag Pattern and wood bundle
2012-26   God's Plan Ornament
2012-16   Goodwill Angel Ornament
2012-16S   Goodwill Angel Ornament Wood Surface
2011-23   Got Snow?
2007-16   Great and Small
2018-05   Great Joy Flying Santa
2018-E2   Great Joy Flying Santa E-Pattern
2018-05S   Great joy Flying Santa Ornament Wood Cutout
2010-125   Happy Harvest Plate
2014-13   Happy Hearted Friends
2010-106   Happy Traveler
2010-106S   Happy Traveler Wood Cutout
2013-03   Hare's Trouble
2015-17   Harvest Blessings Trio Pattern Packet
2009-22   Harvest Father Christmas
2009-22S   Harvest Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2017-40   Harvest Hanger
2009-06   Heaven and Nature Sing
2015-70   Herr Clock Keeper Ornament
2015-29   Herr Tailor Ornament
2018-03S   Herr Toy maker Bulb Ornament Surface
2018-03   Herr Toy maker Ornament
2018-E3   Herr Toymaker E- Pattern
2015-30   Herr Wood Chopper Ornament
2015-22   Holiday Lockets Pattern
2010-114   Holy Lullaby Cradle
2011-11   Home Is Where The Heart Is
2011-33   Home Sweet Home
2008-17   Home Sweet Home Hanger
2017-01   Inspirational Ark Series "Maiden Voyage"
2017-05   Inspirational Ark Series April "Rejoice"
2017-09   Inspirational Ark Series August "Witness"
2017-13   Inspirational Ark Series December "Blessings"
2017-03   Inspirational Ark Series February-Love
2017-02   Inspirational Ark Series January "Cherish"
2017-08   Inspirational Ark Series July "Obey"
2017-07   Inspirational Ark Series June "Hope"
2017-04   Inspirational Ark Series March-Believe
2017-06   Inspirational Ark Series May "Peace"
2017-12   Inspirational Ark Series November "Thanksgiving"
2017-11   Inspirational Ark Series October "Fore sake"
2017-10   Inspirational Ark Series September "Faith"
2017-22   Inspirational Ark Series Tree Rainbow and Waves
2007-12S   Ironing Board Ornament Wood Surface
2012-20   Jesse's Snowman
2010-117   Jingle Bell Santa Ornament
2010-117S   Jingle Bell Santa Ornament Wood Cutout
2011-20   Joy Ride Ornament
2011-20S   Joy Ride Ornament Wood Cutout
2008-15   Joyful Noel Hanger
2016-17   Joyful Snowman
2016-17S   joyful Snowman Ornament Wood Surface
2014-15   Keeper of The Light
2012-04WS   Large Double Beaded Plate
2014-01   Lavender For Love
2016-20   Let it Crow, Let it Snow Pattern Packet
2017-37   Let It Shine Hanger
2011-10   Li's Snowman
2011-10S   Li's Snowman/Jesse's Snowman/Doggy Daycare Wood Cutout
2011-19   Little Flock
2015-22S   Locket
2016-18S   Locket
2017-25   Loving Snowman
2017-25S   Loving Snowman Ornament Wood Surface
2013-17   Made In America
2016-05   Michigan Father Christmas
2009-19S   Mitten Wood Cutout
2014-05   Moby
2014-10   Mrs. Claus
2014-10S   Mrs. Claus Wood Cutout
2012-13   Nativity Father Christmas
2012-13S   Nativity Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2013-28   Nature's Best
2015-03   New England Father Christmas
2015-03S   New England Father Christmas Wood Surface
2017-20   New England Sampler Snowman
2008-02   New England Seasons Pennyrug Lamp
2011-34   No Place Like Home
2011-32   Nor'easter Whale Ornament
2012-23   Nordic Santa- Father Christmas
2012-23S   Nordic Santa- Father Christmas
2017-24S   North West Santa Wood Cutout
2017-24   Northwest Santa
2011-22   Old Glory Plate
2009-07   Old Salt Nick Father Christmas
2009-07S   Old Salt Nick Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2017-26   Oldie-Time MRS Santa Mitten
2016-99   Oldie-Time Santa Mitten
2009-04   Painting Party Clipboard
2010-111   Painting Party Paint Brush Box
2013-09   Patriotic Gourd Santa
2015-126   Peace and Plenty Pumpkin Noodle Board Pattern
2012-06   Peace and Plenty Pumpkin Plaque
2012-06S   Peace and Plenty Pumpkin Plaque Wood Cutout
2010-103   Penelope Rabbit
2010-103S   Penelope Rabbit Wood Cutout
2010-104   Peter Rabbit
2010-104S   Peter Rabbit
2012-02   Picnic in the Pines
2015-20   Pig Party
2017-28   Pike's Peak Snowman
2017-44S   Pine Plaque
2005-09   Pleasant Visions Fireplace Screen
2010-124   Pleasant Visions Light House
2016-16S   Pocket Watch
2010-127   Polar Express
2015-11S   Poppy Painter Father Christmas Wood Cutout
2016-03   Proverbial House Blessings
2011-02   Quilter Father Christmas

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